Discover How A Secret Weight Loss Cactus, Can Help You Melt Away Your Fat And Reveal That Trim And Toned Body That's Hiding Underneath

With clinically proven Proactol™ Plus fighting in your corner, the only thing stopping you is you.

Proactol™ Plus has helped make thousands of people’s weight loss dreams a reality.

Proven Proactol™ Plus uses a unique, patented fibre complex to bind up to 27.4% of your dietary fat intake.

Clinically Proven

Fat BinderAppetite ReducerCertified Medical Device


Proactol™ is clinically proven, formulated with 100% organic ingredients and backed by an incredible 6 month money back guarantee. Weight management starts today when you order now!



Do Not Let Your Weight Define You:


Believe it or not you are not a ‘fat person’. You are a person with some extra weight who can lose it and will if you just take the right steps.

Weight loss is not a pipe dream, despite how hard it seems at times. Every day thousands of people turn their lives around by shedding the pounds, getting in shape and fitting into clothes they never thought possible.

You can be one of them, but you have to be willing to start.

Proactol™ can help you on that path to revealing a trimmer, fitter you. If you have decided on a good diet and exercise regime and are just lacking the motivation to start it, Proactol™ can give you a boost in the right direction.


So What Makes Proactol™ So Special?


We know the score; there are literally hundreds of weight loss products out there claiming they can help you.

There are a few things that set Proactol™ apart from your usual doubtful diet fad, for starters it is known the world over as a leading weight loss solution that is both clinically proven and certified as a medical device for weight management.

But did you also know Proactol™


  • Blocks a portion of the fat you eat. Up to 27.4% of it in fact! In a double blind placebo controlled cross over study, 27.4% more fat was blocked in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol™’s active ingredient, compared to those who had not. This means you could be losing up to 2lbs, or 20 cheese burgers worth of fat a week!
  • Reduces those bad food cravings Giving you back the power to say NO to all those fatty treats and snacks that keep creeping up on your waist line.
  • Is medically backed & clinically proven. You know it isn’t some overblown trend when members of the medical community and 3 clinical studies support and prove it works!
  • Contains 100% Natural, organic ingredients. That’s right, no harmful chemicals or nasty additives just pure, natural derived ingredients. Unlike a lot of weight loss pills, Proactol™ Plus is even suitable for vegetarians!


And if all that isn’t enough to get you fired up to fight the fats then Proactol™’s Fast, Free delivery service will ensure you have everything you need in a matter of days!

Ready to take that first step?



Dr. Alfred

Imagine a diet without any restrictions... every other day

As a leading Professor of Medicine Dr Alfred has developed a reputation for his vast medical knowledge, clinical expertise and dedication to helping individuals maximize their health.

His most recent research has been on how the body responds to alternative-day calorie restriction by triggering the SIRT1 gene, otherwise known as the 'rescue gene'. Based on his scientific research on alternative-day calorie restriction this has led him to the conclusion that this lifestyle change can offer many benefits, such as weight loss, increased lifespan and lowered risk of disease.

Today with your order you will receive Dr. Alfred's Fast Track Formula that will teach you how to make these lifestyle changes so that you can lose weight and enjoy the many other health benefits, ABSOLUTLY FREE!

Also along with this Fast Track Formula you will also receive information from Dr. Alfred and his team giving you weight loss tips and advice. You will also be able to contact his team for any help and adice you may need!

Dr. Alfred

Some of the befnefits of Dr. Alfred's Fast Track Formula are:

  • Lose excess weight
  • Enjoy the foods you would like... without the guilt!
  • Gain energy
  • Increase endurance
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Sleep better

Order Now And Receive The Fast Track Formula ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Laura Price lost a massive 74lbs with Proactol™ Plus™:



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Inside Every Large Person Is A Slim
Person Trying To Get Out.
You Just Need To Open The Door!


And to do that you need the right key. ..

Of course it is easier said than done, and anyone who says it is easy has clearly never struggled with their weight. But one of the hardest aspects of weight management is convincing yourself you have what it takes to do it and to keep doing it until you have achieved the weight and the LOOK you want.

Proactol™ is the key to helping you unlock the inner, thinner you.

Can you imagine how great it would be to shed the pounds and hit your target weight? Imagine the look on your friend’s faces, imagine what you could WEAR? This doesn’t have to be a fantasy; Proatcol has helped hundreds of people just like you achieve the seemingly impossible.


  • Look and feel healthy
  • Regain your self esteem
  • Improve your confidence
  • Look GREAT in your clothes


Men and Women alike have raved about the effect Proactol™ has had on their health, wellbeing and social lives. You could be next!

““Losing weight has given me much more confidence...for the first time in years, I’m taking interest in clothes. I can go into a shop and know that they’ll have clothes that fit me.””

Laura Price, UK

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Recommended By Doctors, Trusted Worldwide
And Backed By Clinical Studies.
The Experts Are Behind Proactol™.


You only have one body and like a well-oiled machine it requires good quality sustenance to keep it going. When it comes to weight management aids you need to know you are getting the best, but with so many products out there making grandiose claims it is hard to be sure.

That is why we urge you not to just take our word for it. Leading health experts the world over back Proactol™; including various well respected doctors, nutritionists and health and fitness experts - and they don’t make recommendations lightly!

It is because of their selective nature on who they will endorse, that you will not find these leading health experts on every site you visit.


medically endorsed proactol
medically backed proactol
doctor testimonials


Do not put your trust and hard earned money into sub-standard, unproven products with nothing but their own claims to back them up. Proactol™ is clinically tested, proven to give you fast weight loss and has become one of the most trusted products on the market.




Proactol's™ Active Ingredients Were Recently Put To The Test


In a ‘double blind placebo controlled cross over study’, healthy participants were put into two separate groups (of no particular pairing).

One group of participants received our active ingredient whilst the other group received a placebo. In both cases, they were given a week’s trial.

100% of people in the active ingredient group reported weight loss.

The results comprised of following:

The quantity of fat that was blocked increased on average by 27.4% in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol™’s active ingredient, compared to those you had not.

This study shows that volunteers who took Proactol™ over this period lost an average of over 27% more dietary fat than the group who took the placebo.

“Compared to the placebo, the fibre complex significantly increased fecal fat excretion, reduced body weight (BMI) and increased feeling of satiety. “Clinical Study February 2009, *read more*

how does proactol work

The diagram demonstrates how Proactol™ effectively binds with the fat in your stomach to help remove it. It also shows that Proactol™ can help calm food cravings by reducing the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

Less fat+ Fewer cravings = Results!


Ok So What Exactly Is 27.4% In Layman ’S Terms? Let’s Break It Down...


27.4% of your dietary fat intake is the equivalent of up to 2lbs a week.



*Results may vary. Proactol™ is an aid to your weight management and should be used alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.


1 whole dress or pants size in a month!

Our most successful customers use Proactol™ along with a healthy balanced diet and exercise plan. To get the most out of Proactol™ we recommend you follow our ‘weight loss management tips’ included when you order today.

free proactol bonuses


Don’t Be A Victim,
Make An Informed Decision
For Your Weight Management Plan


Weight management is a tough game, made all the harder by the hundreds of sub-standard bogus products, phoney fads and rip-off scams out there preying on people who just need a little help. Proactol™ has numerous clinical trials, medical endorsement and testimonials from genuine, satisfied customers who have transformed themselves. It has also achieved roaring media coverage across a range of prominent US and UK publications.

Proactol in the Media

Safe, legal, manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines and certified a registered medical device for weight management. If you are looking for a quality diet supplement you can trust, Proactol™ is the REAL DEAL.


  • Clinically Proven
  • Lose Up To 2lbs A Week
  • 100% Organic
  • Certified Medical Device
  • 100% Safe To Use
  • Eco Cert Certified
  • Medically Backed
  • 180 Day Guarantee
  • Shipped Worldwide
  • Quality Guarantee



Diet Starts Tomorrow Today


Ask anyone who has achieved any great goal and they will tell you the hardest part was getting started. But there has literally never been a better time to start turning your life around and realising your weight loss dream. By ordering Proactol™ today you are taking that first proactive step to tackling your weight, and from here on out the only way is up!

If you still aren’t sure it is right for you the best thing is to weigh up the options:


  • You could carry on harboring those good intentions and trying to resist the temptation of fast food, fatty snacks and tempting treats but be honest, it’s not easy when they are everywhere!
  • Or you could renew that resolution to hit the gym 4 or 5 times a week. But with a busy work and family schedule who honestly has the time for that?
  • Then there are the more drastic options like liposuction, which could cost up to $6000 and a whole lot of time and pain. Also on average it only removes up to 8lbs of fat...It hardly seems worth it given that you could lose the same amount in a month with Proactol™!



It All Depends On You. Are You Ready To Take Control?


If you are ready to take control of your weight and start leading a healthier, more active lifestyle looking and feeling your BEST then it is time to take the plunge and order Proactol™.


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If you want to know more click here to read our testimonials from other customers and view the Evidence & Certifications page right here

For added peace of mind Proactol™ even comes with one of the most comprehensive refund guarantees in the industry.

Try Proactol™ risk free for 180 days and if you don’t see results we’ll refund your money.